The movies we watch have an effect on how we feel; how we feel has an effect on how we behave;
our behaviors create our results in our life.

"We must also be careful to avoid ingesting toxins in the form of violent TV programs,
 video games, movies, magazines, and books. When we watch that kind of violence,
we water our own negative seeds, or tendencies,
and eventually we will think and act out of those seeds.
" ~Thich Nhat Hahn

The movies offered on this website are intended to empower, inspire, educate and entertain you  -  in positive ways.
Awaken your sense of joy and wonder! Inspire love and compassion!

Recommended Movies

Ink Heart
Remember the power of your words.

  Walking the Camino
Walking the Camino is an intimate portrait of six men and women from around the world who, for a multitude of reasons, each undertake the personal .physical and Spiritual challenge that is the Way. .....more...


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Attitude is Everything
Even Eagles Need a Push
Laugher is the best Medicine

and more...

Finding Joy Inspirational Movie


What's the Big Idea Inspirational Movie

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